Removals to Portugal are becoming more and more popular as people discover everything this European country has to offer. From its warm climate to its relaxed lifestyle, its welcoming people and affordable cost of living, moving to Portugal makes a lot of sense. Here are some essential facts which will give you a few pointers to prepare your relocation.

Portugal occupies the most westerly point in Europe where the Atlantic Ocean meets the balmy Mediterranean Sea. The beaches in Portugal are first class and complement the warm climate which boasts lots of sunshine all year round.

The standard of living is high and yet the cost of living is low, indeed a perfect combination. It offers a relaxed lifestyle and welcomes international visitors. Portugal is really a great place to live.

Food, family and community are important pillars of Portuguese society and you’ll find that everyone makes time for all three.

Portugal was one of the first countries to adopt the euro as their currency. However, you can still exchange old Escudos for Euros at banks in Portugal.

Moving to Portugal is a popular choice due to its prime location on the Iberian peninsula. International removals companies will be very familiar with the route and will have excellent knowledge about the Customs procedures that you’ll have to pass through.

Moving to Portugal – Healthcare

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Portugal provides a good level of healthcare, ranked as 12th globally by the World Health Organisation. Both state and private healthcare exist in Portugal, combining to create a better experience.

EU nationals who hold an EHIC card will be entitled to the same state medical treatment as Portuguese nationals. These rights continue when an individual either becomes an employee of a Portuguese employer or becomes a permanent resident.

However, not all medical […]

Moving to Portugal – Taxation

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If you are considering a possible relocation or are in the process of moving it will be helpful to know what to expect when it comes to finance and tax in Portugal.

Portugal has long been a popular relocation destination for expats who are looking for a new life in sunnier climbs. With a Mediterranean climate, it has much to offer.

When it comes to finance and tax in Portugal the system […]